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Designers, Manufacturers, Installers of Lightning Protection Systems Since 1898


As a full-service Lightning Protection System company, Dominion Lightning Rod Co. brings our broad experience to each element of a project.

Inspection/Testing /Certification

Inspection / Testing / Certification

Dominion Lightning Rod’s expertise in the design and installation of Lightning Protection Systems uniquely enables us to provide Inspection and Certification services.

An inspection consists of:

  • Review of any documentation the owner/manager has for the existing Lightning Protection System
  • A site visit where we verify the condition of the existing LPS noting any defects with regard to:
    • Design/code compliance
    • Physical state of repair
    • System effectiveness – concealed elements of the system are tested for continuity using resistance testing instrumentation
    • Where accessible, resistance readings are taken to ensure the grounding system meets code requirements
  • The results are compiled in a written report by roof elevation/area detailing the findings and providing an analysis on the condition of the LPS. Recommendations and cost estimates for remedial work if required are included.
  • A certificate indicating that the complete system meets the applicable codes and standards is provided after all remedial work is complete.
  • If required, we can arrange for third party inspections for UL Master Label C or Lightning Protection Institute certification.

We recommend that Lightning Protection Systems be inspected every 3 years or when modifications are made to the building such as re-roofing, changes to roof-top equipment (HVAC units, chillers, fans, chimneys, vents, etc.), or additions.