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Designers, Manufacturers, Installers of Lightning Protection Systems Since 1898


As a full-service Lightning Protection System company, Dominion Lightning Rod Co. brings our broad experience to each element of a project.

Design of LPS Systems

Design of LPS Systems

Based on our experience and qualifications we offer a comprehensive design service where we can provide:

  • Preparation of Plans, Specifications, Details, Material Selection.
  • Risk assessments per methods outlined in Codes and Standards
  • Zone of Protection Analysis
  • Review of LPS designs by others
  • Budget estimates

Dominion Lightning Rod has extensive experience in designing Lightning Protection Systems to meet the requirements of recognized codes and standards:

  • Canadian Standards Association CSA B72
  • National Fire Prevention Association NFPA 780
  • Underwriters Laboratories UL96A
  • Lightning Protection Institute LPI

Our familiarity with these codes and standards is based on the following:

  • Long standing members of the CSA B72 Technical Committee (over 50 years)
  • UL96A Master Label certified to NFPA780 and /UL96A
  • Material supplied/manufactured listed and labelled under UL96
  • Members of the UL Standard 96A and UL96 Technical Committees

We have provided Lightning Protection System designs for a wide range of projects including:

  • Industrial applications including power plants, asphalt plants, mines and mineral processing, cement plants, food processing plants, water/wastewater treatment plants, industrial chimneys, etc.
  • Commercial applications including airports, data centers, warehouses, office buildings, truck weigh stations, museums, university buildings, hospitals, town halls, courthouses, etc.
  • Water and wastewater treatment facilities including processing plants, digesters, pumphouses, reservoirs and associated buildings
  • Class V (Hazardous) applications including gas plants and ammunition storage sites, petrochemical and fuel storage tanks
  • Recreational facilities including multi-use community centers, arenas, swimming complexes, golf course clubhouses and rain shelters, etc.
  • Religious facilities including churches and temples
  • Telecommunication facilities including the CN Tower, cellular communication antennas, etc.
  • Agricultural buildings including barns, stables, silos, etc.
  • Residential buildings including high rise condominiums, university residences, retirement homes, apartment buildings, and single family homes