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Grounding Enhancement Compounds

Ground Enhancement Compounds are used to increase the efficiency of ground electrodes (lower the measured resistance / impedance) when the native soil they are in contact with has a high resistivity. This is common when:

  1. ground electrodes are in shallow sandy soil that can become dry
  2. ground electrodes are on or close to bedrock,
  3. when the soil that was disturbed in the installation of the electrode does not make good contact with the electrode when backfilled.

Dom # GECC – Conductive Concrete

Dom # GECC – Conductive Concrete
Description Ground Resistance enhancing Compound in powder cement form.
Surrounds ground electrode and forms a larger low impedance ground electrode high a high surface area in intimate contact with the native soil
Very low resistivity 3.06 ohm-cm.
High compressive strength and low shrinkage
Neutral environmental impact.
Reduces electrolytic corrosion of ground electrodes.
Constantly absorbing water from surrounding soil for enhanced efficiency over time
Does not leach into the environment.
Application To increase the conductivity and lower impedance of the ground electrode within the native soil.
Used where native soil ground resistance and impedance are high.
To protect the copper ground electrodes from theft.
Weight 55lb (25 kg) bags