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Air Terminal Accessories

Dom # ATTSBUL – (Opt 1)-(Opt 2) Air Terminal Tripod Support Bracket

AT Brace
AT Brace in action
Description Galvanized Steel Tripod Support Brace
Air terminals run through 2 washers that provide support
the lower end of each of the 3 supports have 2 – 3/16” (4.8 mm) holes for mechanical securement.
Where securement must be done by non penetrating means option 2 provide “feet” for an adhesive alternative.
Application Provides secondary support of air terminals in excess of 2ft (610mm) in length and up to 5/8” (15.8mm) diameter.
Supports air terminal at 50% of their overall height.
Dimensions Base unit 1-5/8” (41.3mm) diameter
Height- per Opt 1
Options Opt 1 – height – (18”) (24”) (36”) (48”)
Opt 2 - Adhesive feet – bronze (B) Aluminum (A)
Weight Dependent upon height and feet options
Base Unit without feet approx. 8.5 oz/ft (9.49g/mm)

Dom # CHSAMFUL-(Opt 1)-(Opt 2)-(OPT 3) Cast Hex Swivel Adapter

Swival in action
Description 2 Part Casting with that allows air terminals to be adjusted to angles between verticlal (0) and 90 degrees.
Stainless steel nut/bolt connect the 2 castings together with lock washer between the two castings for securing the desired angle.
Male Casting End is complete with threaded stud for direct compatibility with all listed air terminal support bases
Female end has I.D. Thread for direct compatibility with compatible listed air terminals
Application Used to provide vertical air terminals when the mounting surfaces for the base is at an angle.
Dimensions 1-1/4” dia. x 3-3/8” ( 32 mm x 86 mm)
Options Opt 1 - O.D. Male Thread Size (3/8”) (½”) (5/8”)
Opt 2 - I.D. Female Thread Size (3/8”) (½”) (5/8”)
Opt 3 – Cast Bronze (B) / Cast Bronze Tin Plated (T) Aluminum (A)
Weight Bronze / Tinned Bronze 8oz (227 g)
Aluminum 3oz (85g)

Dom # ATTPUL-(Opt 1)-(Opt 2) Point Tip Protector

Bullet in action
Description Hex Metal Tube for sliding overtop of existing pointed air terminals on a structure/roof.
Comes complete with a stainless steel I.D. hex set screw for securing fitting to air terminal
Application To change a pointed tip air terminal to a blunt tipped air terminal easily in the field without changing the air terminal
Impalement Hazard protection for personnel within close proximity of a pointed air terminal
Dimensions 3/4” x 4” (19 mm x 102 mm)
Options Opt 1 – Brass (B) / Aluminum (A)
Opt 2 - Air terminal Size (3/8”) (½”) (5/8”)
Weight Copper / Brass 5.85oz (166 g)
Aluminum 1.75oz (49.6 g)

Dom # ATSAUL-(Opt 1)-(Opt 2)-(Opt 3) Air Terminal Spring Adapter

Spring in action
Description 3 Part metal fitting affixed between the air terminal and the mounting base that allows vertical air terminals to be temporarily deflected when mechanically disturbed.
Bottom end of the stainless steel spring is connected to a male O.D. threaded stud for direct attachment to the air terminal support base.
Top end of the stainless steel spring is connected to a female I.D. threaded fitting for direct connection to the air terminal.
Stainless steel rope safety tether is provided to secure the air terminal directly to the support base via bolt fitting on the support based in the event the spring is dislodged from the air terminal.
Application Used to support air terminals where window washing equipment or other mechanical forces are likely to damage the air terminal and/or support base during maintenance.
Dimensions 3/4” dia. x 5” (19 mm x 127mm)
Options Opt 1 – Cast Bronze (B) / Cast Bronze Tin Plated (T) Aluminum (A)
Opt 2 (Bronze / Tinned Bronze) - O.D. Male Thread Size (3/8”) (½”) (Aluminum ) O.D. Male Thread Size (½) (5/8)
Opt 3 (Bronze / Tinned Bronze) – I.D. Female Thread Size (3/8”) (½”)
(Aluminum) I.D. Female Thread Size (½) (5/8)
Weight Bronze / Tinned Bronze 5.7oz (162 g)
Aluminum 3.8oz (107.3g)