The following map represents any typical storm occurrence throughout south/central/east Ontario.

Although this map shows peak lightning activity in the Barrie/Lake Simcoe area, peak activity can occur anywhere in any storm zone.

Every season there are between 30 and 35 days with thunderstorm and lightning
activity.  There can be up to 40 strikes per square mile in any given area in a season.

If this occurred 35 days in a row, the danger that lightning presents would be brought into sharp focus.

Although you and your family may not always be aware of, or exposed to, the effects of the storm, your home is.

Because this activity recurs every season, the cumulative effect suggests that it is not a matter of "if" but a matter of "when".

Lightning Strikes?  More than we think!!

Source: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
All strikes shown are "cloud-to-ground"

Map Shows Storm Activity

Date:                         August 31, 1995
Total strikes:             2776
Length of storm:       12.5 hours
Strikes per sq. mile:  Average  1.15          Maximum   3.89

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