Your cottage is susceptible to the same kind of lightning damage that your home is.  Add to this some additional considerations:

  • Many cottages are in rocky terrain with poor natural grounding.  This means that if you have electricity, telephone, etc. in your cottage, the wiring system will be by far the best path to ground for lightning.  It will be even more likely that appliance and wiring damage occur.

  • Tall trees can attract lightning and the shallow roots of trees in rocky terrain can channel the lightning to the cottage electrical system.  Sideflashes from the trees can cross to the cottage.

  • Cottages are unoccupied for long periods of time.  Lightning-caused damage can go undetected for quite a while.  In particular, a small lightning-caused fire that could easily be put out in an urban setting may cause the whole cottage to burn down because nobody was there to stop it.

  • Usually, cottages have even more wood construction than houses.  This makes fire damage even more likely.

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