There are authorities having jurisdiction in both Canada (Canadian Standards Association - CSA) and the U.S. (National Fire Protection Association - NFPA).  These authorities publish the codes and standards that define today's lightning protection system.  In Ontario, the Ontario Lightning Rods Act governs the manufacture and installation of lightning protection systems.  The installer
must, by law, be licensed by the Ontario Fire Marshal's office.  Ask to see your installer's license or call the Fire Marshal's office for confirmation of licensed installers.

Also, the lightning protection industry has taken measures to assure that the
consumer is fully protected.  Upon completion of an installation, the installer
must send a certificate to the owner and the Ontario Fire Marshal's office.  Subsequently, an inspector from the Ontario Fire Marshal's office is sent out to do an inspection and a report is issued to the customer and agent.  Any problems will be rectified immediately by the agent.  This is the best consumer protection offered anywhere in North America for the installation of lightning protection


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